Why Join SHBHA?

3 great reasons to join Sovereign Harbour Berth Holders Association


It’s Just Nice

We have an exceptionally high ratio of members to berth holders and for good reason.

Enjoy a large community of friendly like-minded people, working together to make Sovereign Harbour a great place to be. That’s why we have and maintain a large membership.


Events & News

We run events and courses for our members but it’s not just the nice events you need to know about.

Our members can visit our website or be informed by email of things that could affect their trip or safety.


Local Discounts

Everyone loves a bargain.

With large membership, comes bargaining power. Our local businesses are a friendly bunch too.

Enjoy discounts on all of the products and services listed below. 

Discounts currently available for SHBHA members

A number of local businesses offer discounts for Sovereign Harbour Berth Holders Association members. Click the button below to see the list of current participating businesses.

Our members would like to say a massive THANK-YOU to all of the local businesses that are helping us make Sovereign Harbour the place to be.

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