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Founded in 1999, Sovereign Harbour Berth Holders Association has one of the highest members to berths ratios in the country and for good reason.

Member Benefits

As well as being part of a large community of friendly, like minded  people SHBHA membership gets you local discounts, courses, events and more.

News and Events

As well as keeping you informed about harbour specific events and notifications we have a wide range of events and courses for members.

Mariners' Information

Don’t get all lost at sea about the conditions and current harbour information. Find everything you need to know in one place and be first in the queue for important information that could affect your experience.

How to Join

Joining Sovereign Harbour Berth Holders Association is easy and costs just £10 per year. The discounts alone should easily make it worthwhile. Being part of a great community is the icing on the cake.

Why Join Sovereign Harbour Berth Holders Association?

  • Low membership fees at just £10 per year.
  • Discounts at several local restaurants and retail outlets.
  • Discounts with a number of marine products and services providers.
  • Events, including fun and useful activities like safety training.
  • Courses for all abilities
  • Committee members who are passionate about all things boating at the helm.
  • Above all, we have a large and growing community that is the heart and soul of the SHBHA

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